A breed of cattle, raised in the United States primarily for beef. However, there are milking shorthorns. Shorthorns originated in England about 1600 and spread to Scotland and then to America in 1783. When first brought to Virginia, it was called the Durham. Shorthorns were popular with America's early settlers who valued its meat and milk. In addition, Shorthorns provided willing power for the wagon and plow. Many pioneer wagons were pulled by teams of Shorthorns. The breed's use for meat production was stimulated when Midwestern farmers began importing them directly from Scotland in 1854. Polled Shorthorns were developed from mutations, beginning around 1881 in Minnesota. Both horned and polled Shorthorns are known for adaptability, mothering ability, reproductive performance, good disposition, feed conversion and longevity. At least 45 different breeds of cattle include Shorthorn genetics. Both horned and polled Shorthorns are registered in the same breed book, maintained by the American Shorthorn Association.

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